Number recognition is an important tool in order to have a strong foundation in math. Here is my favorite number printables 1-10 for Toddlers… 


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Having the right tools like using number printables 1-10 is one of the simplest ways to help your toddler establish a strong math foundation. As a mom of 4, I think that sometimes one of the best things that you can do is print off a quick printable to let kids exercise their brains and rest their bodies. 

Keep reading to learn about using number printables 1-10 and grab one of my favorites for your own collection…

Why I use love Number Printables 1-10

I love to have printable activities in my back pocket with toddlers at home. I think they are some great resources for rainy day activities or when your kids need a quiet, low energy game.

  • Promotes fine motor skills through number formation and cutting with scissors (once they have the basic concept down, of course). 
  • It’s an easy way to add in extra practice for your preschooler to develop basic math skills like learning number names.
  • Using the ice cream free printable worksheets establish the concept of numbers before they start on activities like a subtraction worksheet designed for kindergarten kids. 
  • Math lessons tend to have a bad reputation, so if you can find a fun way to make counting enjoyable for young children, when they get older it will be even easier.

Click HERE to get your FREE PDF file with your own printable number game using ice cream!

A Quick Note on Toddlers Learning Numbers

There is no specific timeline for young children to learn numbers, so your focus shouldn’t be on when your child can identify numbers or count. 

Instead, your focus should be on the amount of exposure your child receives on a daily basis for different numbers. With activities like the ice cream counting game, it is a simple goal that will create a strong counting foundation. 

Remember- learning should be fun! Printables is a tool to have fun and learn key skills for their future. 

Supplies for number activities: 

Simple art crafts are a great way to help instill each number word. If your child constantly calls the number eight a ‘snowman’, then using little games to increase exposure to the proper name is a smart idea. 

  • Use a dot marker to trace numbers that you write on a piece of paper
  • Preschool number worksheets can help with number tracing by tracing numbers in different colors
  • Any object they are fond of (like 10 hot wheels cars) and line them up. Spend time grouping them and counting the objects in different ways.

How to Use this Ice Cream FREE Printable Activity

This PDF is one of my favorite games to help kids learn their numbers. It’s always so popular that I had to share it with you! 

  1. Print your PDF
  2. Cut out the ice cream cones and scoops
  3. Optional- laminate the pieces for continual use
  4. Lay out the scoops and let your toddler pick a cone
  5. Looking at all of the scoops available, help your child match the numbers on the cone with the numbers on the scoop. 
  6. Once they fill one cone, let them fill another and another! 

Here’s a more advanced number printables 1-10 game with the same PDF

  1. Once your PDF is printed and cut, lay out the scoops as listed above. 
  2. Instead of creating groups of a specific number, have the cones hold a scoop of ice cream going from 1-10. 
  3. Have your toddler make ice cream cones from 1-10 until every cone is complete!


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