Is your toddler finally old enough to have a halloween celebration? Kick off the season with a party using halloween party printables.


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One of my favorite things about blogging is having so many free printables to give away for free! 


Parenting is challenging enough, and I firmly believe that we need to make things easier whenever we can- which is how I want to say ‘ Happy Halloween ’ to you! 


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Developmental Benefits of a Halloween Banner


Who would have thought that something as simple as hanging a banner could help your toddler grow? I mean, I just love it! 


I love it because it’s easy and cute, my kids love it because it helps with letter recognition. 


Having letters hung around your house is a fun way to help build a strong foundation for letter recognition early on. 


As you are making it, this is the perfect opportunity for your young children and sit with you. As you are cutting out the different letters, take the opportunity to point out the different letters and colors of each sign. 


Throughout the entire month, they will come back to those letters and try to name each letter. When this happens, all it means is that your kids’ minds are working hard to retain those letters, setting them up for reading success once Kindergarten starts. 


Themes for Halloween Parties


There are so many themes for halloween celebrations that are so much fun that won’t cause nightmares for your little ones. Some popular themes are: 


Once you know your theme for your Halloween party, that’s when the rest of your party planning can begin. From activities to snacks, we have you covered for a fun party. Keep reading to learn how to make your party fun for everyone…


What you can use for party decorations


There are so many things that you need to get for a fun not-so-spooky halloween party to not forget. Free home decor is an easy peasy way to help set the tone for halloween fun.


Some of my favorite free Halloween party printables are things like: 

  • Gift tags
  • Party favors (also known as treat bags or goody bags)
  • Door signs
  • Printable banner (way easier than a DIY halloween banner!)


*Note that these fun halloween party printables are for personal use, and not to be resold*



Great Halloween Activities for Toddlers


A fun way to entertain kids at a halloween party is to have enough games planned. A few that I love to do with my kids are


  • Scavenger hunts
  • Create door signs
  • Wrap up the kids with toilet paper to become mummies
  • Dance party
  • If you have your guests come in full halloween costumes, have a contest. Just be prepared for multiple paw patrol characters- it happened to me two years in a row! 


Sometimes, a fun activity like the listed halloween party ideas can be a lot for young kids. For kids that can get overwhelmed, I like to have a quiet corner with a few activities that they can sit at and decompress. On the table, I will put things like: 


  • Halloween word search
  • Halloween coloring pages
  • Cute Halloween Paper Dolls
  • Paper Plate Mummy


Of course, no party is complete without a few snacks! Keep everyone full and satisfied with some themed foods…


Halloween Party Treats


Food is an essential component to a successful kids halloween party. Even though you only have a few hours to entertain (toddler parties are usually between 2-3 hours), its nice to have some snacks for everyone.


  • caramel apples
  • Baby carrots (served as fingers)


How to use my Halloween Party Printables


For the Halloween banner, I like to hang mine up in the first week of October to get the most out of it. I print it off and hang it on my mantel off some string as a simple decoration. 

I also like to print off a second banner and modge podge it onto some wooden blocks. 


This is always so adorable and a fun way to decorate that the kids can play with. 


What kid wouldn’t want a tower that reads ‘Happy Halloween’?


In Summary to Halloween Party Printables


There are so many fun and easy ways to make your Halloween party a success. Your toddler will love the spooky-ness of the get together and will (hopefully) develop a lifelong love for Halloween.



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