50 Activities for a 14 Month Old

Play is a toddler’s job. Here are 50 ways to help your 14 month old get moving.



Finding the best activities for a 14 month old doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, there are things around your own home that you can use for entertainment. 


When choosing how to entertain a toddler, it is important to choose your location first. Do you want to be outside? Maybe you need to clean the dishes? 


This list helps break down different types of activities for 14 month olds to help you decide where, then what you can do to entertain your kids. 


What to keep in mind when planning activities with a 14 month old


  1. Things will get messy. Schedule time to tidy up and encourage your little one to help!
  2. Play is a toddlers job. 
  3. Attention spans are short at this age, so it may take a few different activities to figure out what your toddler truly loves. Be patient!


Ready to learn some of the 50 best activities for a 14 month old? Keep reading…




One of the best ways to help young toddlers experience new things is to get them outside. There are so many different activities and is the ultimate sensory experience for your little ones. Kids love exploring outside- and for good reason. It is just so much fun!

  • Chasing Bugs
  • Go on a walk
  • Nature scavenger hunt
  • Dig a hole
  • Picking Berries (watch out for sticker bushes!)
  • Gardening/Seed Planting
  • Water Table/Sprinkler
  • Make binoculars out of toilet paper rolls and let them explore the backyard 
  • Freeze some toys in a container the night before. In the morning, set it outside with some toy tools and let them work to set it free
  • Blow bubbles!




Creating things through art time is a great way to develop fine motor skills. 

  • Playdough

Ideal for developing hand strength later used that requires hand-eye coordination like when they are learning to write!

  • Q-Tip Painting (click here for a FREE printable by Little Ladoo)
  • Finger painting with edible paint
  • Crayons are perfect for developing hand-eye coordination
  • Handprint Chicken Craft by Lil Tigers
  • Ripping construction paper and gluing it onto another piece of paper
  • DIY Moon Dough by Lil Tigers

One of the most fun toddler activities!

  • Color white coffee filters with markers then drop water on them. Then watch the different colours expand!


Independent Play 


Learning to play independently is one of the most valuable things that you can teach your child! 

Anything with pom poms and toilet paper rolls is going to be a fun time for anyone under 2 years old- especially this game!

This simple activity is a fun game and is a fun activity to help your child with their hand-eye coordination.

  • Let them create with aluminum foil or tissue paper
  • Busy board


Want to learn more about Independent play with toddlers? Click here!


Foundational Learning 


These activities are a list of fun ways to develop the essential foundational learning that will help your child thrive later on in life. From their ABC’s to balance to copying you on daily tasks, these fun activities are perfect for playtime. 

  • Egg Carton Color and Sort from Taming Little Monsters
  • Wooden Puzzles
  • Make towers with building blocks
  • Magnatiles
  • Wooden Blocks
  • Imitation play- let them do what you are doing! If you are doing your makeup, give them a clean brush to pretend. If you are sweeping, give them a broom to help out.


In the Bath 


Water Play is a fun way to get kids playing. The change in environment as well as the sensation of the warm water can stimulate their little minds in new ways. 

  • Bath paint
  • Classic Bubble Bath

One of the best things about playing with 1 year olds is that you don’t need to over think things. In fact, sometimes the best activities are the little things like adding bubbles to your bath!

  • Trucks in the tub
  • Glow in the dark bath
  • Before you fill the tub with water, squirt some shaving cream into their hands and let them rub it on their bodies. (be careful- it gets slippery!)
  • Popsickle Bath
  • Add in some Lego Duplo’s


Sensory Play 


Young children require a lot of sensory play in order to develop gross motor skills. Even better? Your kid will play with these sensory activities for a long time. 

This activity is a great opportunity to set up play in a simple way for your toddler to play with their favorite toys in different ways.

  • Sensory Bags. All you need is to fill a gallon sized ziplock bag with something stimulating like 2 cups of oil and a few toys. Tape the bag down and watch them explore what you hid in there!
  • Experiment with weight. This is as simple as taking a bucket and filling it with something (beans, toys, rocks- anything) a little bit at a time. 
  • Let them play with their food! From yogurt to jello to spaghetti, there are plenty of foods that kids will love to play with that will light up their senses
  • Push toy will engage several muscle groups and light up your toddler’s sensory center
  • Have them help you in the garden. Those little hands are great weed pullers and the dirt is an excellent teacher


Pretend Play 


Pretend play is one of the best activities for toddlers! Not only is it fun, but it helps their brains make sense of the world around them. 

  • Kids kitchen with fake foods
  • Baby play is common at this age with a baby doll
  • Dress up (check out the best toddler wardrobes here!)
  • Let them play store. Set out a few items ‘for sale’ and have them buy them from you. Give them a play wallet and let them buy what they want. Then, switch! You can become the buyer and they become the cashier
  • Encourage older siblings to play house with them. 14 months is old enough to play baby or be the parent


In Summary


There are plenty of ways to help your little one play. The 50 activities listed here is just the starting point for a lot of fun in your home. 


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