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Toddler & Mom is a place for mothers to come and learn how to enjoy the season of toddlerhood to the fullest. Filled with informative, relatable advice that moms can use to make the most of this exciting time. 

Hey there, I’m Nicole

As a wife, mom of 4 and a copywriter, I know the value of a place where moms can learn all about toddlers. 

The season of toddlerhood is anything but calm. With the right tools and advice, I know that it can be one of the best times in both yours and your little ones lives. 

Thank you for joining me on this journey to provide relatable, informative content for toddler moms like us!


One day, I hope to

Visit Hawaii

Currently living just outside of


Favorite Coffee

Vanilla Latte

Favorite Toddler Toy


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